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Hi! My name is Amanda, my passions are bookkeeping & helping people! 

Growing up my mother was a bookkeeper/treasurer. After school I would go to her office and help her with filing invoices and other small things. At home she used the same skills with her personal budgeting and finances where I really got to see her in action. By watching her, I was introduced to a profession and what has become one of my passions.

My other passion is helping people. So I started my journey serving in the military where I was a hospital corpsman in the Navy. After the military, I continued in medical service oriented jobs while getting my Bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration. I continued to serve veteran's by working at the Veteran's Health Administration (VA). All along though, I felt something was missing. I was only pursuing one of my passions, not both.


I decided to seek out a way that I could use both of my passions. So I learned everything I needed to know to become a professional bookkeeper. I get the best of both world's now....bookkeeping and helping small business' pursue their passions.

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